Lines of curvature for improved diagnosis in virtual colonoscopy

Lingxiao Zhao, Charl P. Botha, Javier Olivan Bescos, R. Truyen, F.M. Vos, Frits H. Post
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics - 2006
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Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) is a helpful addition to laborious visual inspection for preselection of suspected colonic polyps in virtual colonoscopy. Most of the previous work on automatic polyp detection makes use of indicators based on the scalar curvature of the colon wall and can result in many false-positive detections. Our work tries to reduce the number of false-positive detections in the preselection of polyp candidates. Polyp surface shape can be characterized and visualized using lines of curvature. In this paper, we describe techniques for generating and rendering lines of curvature on surfaces and we show that these lines can be used as part of a polyp detection approach. We have adapted existing approaches on explicit triangular surface meshes, and developed a new algorithm on implicit surfaces embedded in 3D volume data. The visualization of shaded colonic surfaces can be enhanced by rendering the derived lines of curvature on these surfaces. Features strongly correlated with true-positive detections were calculated on lines of curvature and used for the polyp candidate selection. We studied the performance of these features on 5 data sets that included 331 pre-detected candidates, of which 50 sites were true polyps. The winding angle had a significant discriminating power for true-positive detections, which was demonstrated by a Wilcoxon rank sum test with p < 0.001. The median winding angle and inter-quartile range (IQR) for true polyps were 7.817 and 6.770 - 9.288 compared to 2.954 and 1.995 - 3.749 for false-positive detections.

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