Developments in feature modelling

Willem F. Bronsvoort, Rafael Bidarra, Paulos J. Nyirenda
Computer-Aided Design and Applications, Volume 3, Number 5, page 655--664 - 2006
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Feature modelling is nowadays the predominant way of product modelling, in which geometric and functional information is stored in a single product model. The basic concepts of feature modelling in general, and the state of the art in commercial feature modelling systems, will be presented first. This will be followed by an overview of four major developments that solve shortcomings in such systems. First, in semantic feature modelling, it is possible to more adequately specify and maintain the meaning of features. Second, in multiple-view feature modelling, there is a specific feature model for each product development phase. Third, in collaborative feature modelling, teams of users can collaborate on the development of a product with full feature modelling functionality. Fourth, in freeform feature modelling, features with freeform shapes are made available. Some other developments are mentioned as well.

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