Web-based interaction on feature models

Eelco van den Berg, Rafael Bidarra, Willem F. Bronsvoort
From Geometric Modeling to Shape Modeling, Kluwer Academic Publishers, page 99--112 - 2002
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Collaborative modeling systems are distributed multiple-user systems that are both concurrent and synchronized, aimed at supporting engineering teams in coordinating their modeling activities. Instead of an iterative process, asynchronously sending product data back and forth among several team members, they turn design into an interactive process, in which several engineers are simultaneously involved to agree on design issues. So far, only a small number of tools have been developed that somehow support collaborative design activities. For example, tools for collaborative model annotation and visualization via Internet are now becoming available, providing concepts such as shared cameras and telepointers. However, such tools are primarily focused on inspection, e.g. using simple polygon mesh models, and do not support real modeling activities. In other words, they are valuable assistants for teamwork, but no real CAD systems.

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