Feature model visualization

Willem F. Bronsvoort, Rafael Bidarra, Alex Noort
Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 21, Number 4, page 661--673 - 2002
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Feature modelling is now the predominant way of modelling products. Feature visualization is an important aspect here that can still be considerably improved. In this paper, an integrated way of visualizing feature models is presented, using new techniques for both the geometry and the structure of models. For the geometry of feature models, techniques are presented to visualize a selected subset of form features in a way that clearly distinguishes them from the rest of the model, as well as functional information such as closure faces of subtractive form features. For the structure of features models, techniques are presented to visualize several types of graphs. The different visualization techniques are used in an integrated way. Implementation of some of the techniques requires a non-manifold representation of the geometry of the feature model. This representation, and some other implementation aspects, are briefly described. Throughout the paper, numerous examples of images of feature models are given which show that the new visualization techniques can indeed improve the effectiveness of feature modelling.

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