Web-based interaction on feature models

Eelco van den Berg, Rafael Bidarra, Willem F. Bronsvoort
Kluwer Academic Publishers, page 99--112 - 2002
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Feature modelling, Collaborative modelling, Web-based modelling, Graphical interaction The opportunities offered by Internet technologies have resulted in numerous new types of applications, among which so-called collaborative systems, i.e. distributed multiple-user systems that are both concurrent and synchronised. During a collaborative session, several users are connected to each other in order to perform activities, such as design or evaluation, together. This paper discusses how interactive modelling facilities can be offered to the clients of such an environment. Several techniques for interaction with feature models, ranging from display of sophisticated feature model images to interactive selection facilities, have been implemented in webSPIFF, a new web-based, collaborative modelling system. In particular, maintenance of model data at the clients, and their effective utilisation for enhancing user interaction and collaboration are described. The system has a well-balanced distribution of functionality between the server and the clients, and a good compromise between interactivity on the clients and network load has been achieved.

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