Semantic and multiple-view feature modeling: towards more meaningful product modelling

Willem F. Bronsvoort, Rafael Bidarra, Alex Noort
Kluwer Academic Publishers, page 69--84 - 2001
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Current feature modelling systems suffer from a number of shortcomings. One is that the meaning of features is often not adequately maintained during modelling, which implies that modelling is in essence only geometric modelling. Another is that it is not possible to support product models with multiple feature views for all product development phases. This paper discusses solutions for these shortcomings. Semantic feature modelling is an approach to specify and maintain the meaning, or semantics, of each feature in a model. Enhanced multiple-view feature modelling is an approach to support more product development phases. In the views, feature models can be used that contain high-level information. These approaches result in more meaningful product modelling, both in the sense of the models that are created, and in the sense of how these are created.

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