Declarative user-defined feature classes

Rafael Bidarra, A. Idri, Alex Noort, Willem F. Bronsvoort
CD-ROM Proceedings of the 1998 ASME Design Engineering Technical Conferences - sep 1998
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Designing mechanical parts using a feature vocabulary is a very effective and rich paradigm. Its expressive power, however, is severely limited if the set of feature types available in a feature library is fixed. It is, therefore, desirable to be able to extend and configure a feature library according to particular requirements, either of an end-user of a CAD system or of an application area. These requirements are not limited to topologic and parametric aspects of a generic feature definition, but include also validity conditions to be verified for each feature instance in a model. This paper proposes a new declarative scheme for the definition of feature classes . This scheme provides a unified description of the shape and validity issues of a feature class, as well as a flexible configuration of the feature class interface. In the definition process, the various constraint classes available play a central role, whereas an inheritance mechanism structures the feature library hierarchy. At the end of the process, validation of the class is performed, in order to avoid over- and underconstrained specifications. A graphical user interface supports the whole feature class definition process. Once defined, a feature class is automatically made available for use in a feature library of the modeling system.

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