Multiple-view feature modelling and conversion

Willem F. Bronsvoort, Rafael Bidarra, Winfried van Holland, Klaas Jan de Kraker, Maurice Dohmen
Springer-Verlag, page 159--174 - 1997
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A product model containing information for all product life cycle activities is central to concurrent engineering. Preferably each activity has its own view on the product model, with information relevant to that activity. In this paper, a feature modelling approach is outlined in which each view consists of a specic feature model, containing features relevant to the corresponding activity. Attention is paid to the product model, feature validation, feature conversion and specic assembly features. Feature validation is the basis for maintaining the meaning of features. Feature conversion is used to convert features from one view to other views; multiple-way conversions are possible. As an example of view-specic features, it is shown which assembly-specic features can be included in a feature model for the assembly planning view.

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