Raptor Manuals

Here you find the manuals for Raptor 30V1, 30V2, 50V2 and the upgrade manual for 30 to 50V1. All files are high quality PDF files.

Raptor 30 V2

Available in medium (2.6Mb) and high (5.9Mb) quality. Also available is a very low quality parts list in german (thanks to TT).

The manuals contain all manual pages including the parts list and a nice front page.
Thanks to BimmerM3 (www.runryder.com) for sending me an original 30v2 manual. Also thanks to ace for providing a large part of the manual in pdf format ( ace hobby site).

Pagenumbers as shown on the page (not the acrobat pagenumbers)
p. 12. step 13. (8) HMV1050 Bearing (5x10x4)
p. 45. PV0200 HMV1050 Bearing d5xD10xW4

Raptor 30 V1

The improved Raptor 30 V1 manual (2.4Mb).
There is a separate paper with instructions for the blades.

I made some improvements to the acehobby V1 version: thumbnails for quick finding of the required page, removed numerous bullets spread over the pages, and corrected alignment errors. Also I added the part lists and numbers.
Many thanks to the ace hobby site that made available an even higher-quality manual, but much larger (14Mb) and with numerous typesetting errors.
The manual disappeared quickly from their site, I don't know why but it might be that most of you like the smaller version available on my site instead .
The V1 version also contains the separate leaflets on blade modification and link length settings.

Addition to the thrust bearing assembly on p.11
You can put the thrust bearing scales on the spindle and wiggle them, the one with the larger internal diameter will wiggle further than the one with the smaller internal diameter. The ball holder should be with the plate with the holes towards the collar, to avoid damage to the bearing. This is also the alignment as it comes new in the package. If you put the hole plate towards the blades, during flight the plate will be pressed to the outer scale by centrifugal force. In that case a bearing ball can roll over the plate which would ruining the bearing.

Raptor 50 V2

Available in medium (2.9Mb) and in high (5.5Mb) quality. Also available is a very low quality parts list in german.

In contrast with the Raptor 30 manuals, a Raptor 50 manual has never been made available in electronic form by Thunder Tiger. Therefore this manual was constructed partly by scanning in parts and by manually creating the pages, and partly by copying and modifying the Raptor 30 V2 manual. I did a very careful job in duplicating the manual, but of course I can not assume responsibility in case of errors. The duplicate has been kept as close as possible to the original manual, but at numerous places errors and typos were corrected. At many places the English text was improved, as well as the layout. Some part numbers have been corrected. A few sentences where correction would need more than changing a few words were left unchanged. The front page has been recreated in color, where the original manual is all black and white. A colored front page is so much more inviting!

Pagenumbers as shown on the page (not the acrobat pagenumbers)
p. 12. step 13. (8) HMV1050 Bearing (5x10x4)
p. 38. PV0200 HMV1050 Bearing d5xD10xW4

Upgrade manual 30 to 50 V1

raptor 30 to 50 upgrade manual.

Recreated from scratch like the Raptor50V2 manual, but this one was really created from scratch, using only my scanner but no earlier comparible pdf manuals.

Extra info

The bearings in the PV0338 metal main rotor hub (the metal upgrade head) are the following sizes:
small bearings: (d4 x D8 x W3)
large bearings: 6800Z (d10 x D19 x W5)

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