Dr. Timothy Balint

Post-doctoral researcher
Room E6.280, Building 28
Email: <_J.T.Balint_AT_tudelft.nl_>

A bit about me

I’m a post-doctoral research assistant at TU Delft under Dr. Rafa Bidarra. My focus is on procedural level generation for games, and more specifically on connecting semantic data (as background information that most people assume) to the creation process. I graduated from George Mason University with both my masters and Ph.D in computer science. There I published more than a dozen works on virtual humans and eye tracking analytic. I’m generally interested in artificial intelligence for games, both in the games (for agents) and in creating the games.


Publications in 2018
Marie Kegeleers, Shivam Miglani, Gijs M. W. Reichert , Nestor Z. Salamon, J. Timothy Balint, Stephan G. Lukosch , Rafael Bidarra
Proceedings of the First Superhuman Sports Design Challenge: First International Symposium on Amplifying Capabilities and Competing in Mixed Realities , Number 7, page 7:1--7:6 - jul 2018

Proceedings of FDG 2018 - International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games, page 10 - 2018