Niels de Hoon


Room E6.420, Building 28
Email: N.H.L.C.deHoon(at)tudelft(dot)nl

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Department of Intelligent Systems
Computer Graphics & Visualization Group
Mekelweg 4 , 2628 CD, Delft


The goal of my project is to obtain the most accurate visualization possible of the  blood-flow in the aorta for a given patient.

By combining PC-MRI flow measurements and fluid simulations the benefits and drawbacks of both approaches could be optimized. For example, physical simulations are hard to make patient specific due to being a model, and thus an approximation, of the real patient. Measurements on the other hand are prone to noise and artefacts, unlike physical simulations.

Key topics include:

  • Validation:
    Validation of any obtained blood-flow data is difficult due to the lack of a ground truth.
  • Noise and artefacts estimation:
    An estimate of the noise and artefacts can provide more insight in the data.
  • Uncertainty visualization:
    Uncertainty visualization is needed to understand the effects of the noise and artefacts on the data.
  • Data assimilation:
    Using data assimilation it is possible to obtain a best estimate of the “true state” combining both measurements and simulations.

Available Master Thesis Projects

If you’re interested in working with me for your master thesis project, please contact Dr. A. Vilanova to discuss the possibilities.


Master thesis

Cardiovascular blood flow – Comparing measurement and simulation [pdf]
R. van Pelt, A. Jalba, Dr. A. Vilanova