On this page, we have compiled a list of all software developed in our group that is available for download.

Exposure Render Exposure Render – A direct volume rendering application based on physically based light transport, the open source project is located here CVP – The Cyttron Visualization Platform, focusing on the simultaneous visualization of multi-modal datasets, especially in small animal imaging.
devide_tfeditor_20080723a DeVIDE – Open-source visual programming software for rapidly prototyping complex 3D visualisation and image processing solutions by graphically connecting up colourful boxes and writing small Python scripts. Includes Python, VTK, ITK, numpy, matplotlib, wxpython and more. FoBVis – Open-source real-time human motion acquisition and visualisation software.
Dixhoorn2010 fubraconnex – Functional Brain Connectivity Explorer: An application for the visual analysis of resting state fMRI connectivity data. GLBlaat – A set of open-source, cross-platform C++ wrappers aimed at simplifying development of OpenGL applications using various bits of OpenGL functionality. GLBlaat works on both Windows and Linux, and may also work on OS X. Multi-field explorer – Open-source visual exploration tool for multi-field volume data. NQVTK – Open-source library which enables users to quickly create GPU-based implementations of complicated rendering pipelines for visualization using OpenGL. It integrates with VTK for loading and processing mesh and image data, but provides a separate rendering framework with easy access to cutting-edge GPU functionality without the typical VTK overhead. ShapeSpace explorer – Open-source visual analysis tool for the interactive exploration of shape spaces and statistical shape models. The VRmeer Toolkit can be used to create interactive 3D visualization applications for Virtual Reality systems. It builds upon OpenSceneGraph and adds display configuration, 3D tracking integration and interaction tools. Smaller demos – A list of various useful software tools demonstrating graphics and/or visualisation concepts